Diversity at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh campus community contributes to Pitt's commitment to diversity through the work of senior administrative officers, deans, directors, department heads, managers, supervisors, and various campus-wide, school, departmental, and student committees and groups as well as individual faculty and staff members and students.

"Diversity at Pitt is essential and it has to be a core value within the University. A great university values openness, creativity, and innovation—traits that all benefit from a dynamic and diverse culture. Diversity is also critical to our region. It is one of the keys to attracting the talent that this region's prosperity depends on, and this has to be a place that everyone wants to be part of. The comparisons tell you what you would expect—that Pitt, like the Pittsburgh region—is less diverse than many other regions or institutions. That is an opportunity for us because it means that we can do better."

Patrick D. Gallagher

The goals of Pitt's commitment to diversity are to:

  • Achieve diversity at all levels
  • Enhance opportunities for enrolling, retaining, and graduating students from under-represented groups
  • Provide accessibility and accommodation to individuals with disabilities
  • Create a campus environment free of bigotry and harassment
  • Engage minority- and women-owned businesses as vendors or suppliers

Diversity Support at Pitt